Giving by Text Help

  • Commands – Provides the user with a list of the available generic text commands (will not include the unique specific keywords you have set up for your church)
  • Give – Your text giving number will respond asking “how much would you’d like to give”.
  • $50 – money to be given to general fund if not followed by a designated fund name
    • 50 can be changed to any amount
    • $ sign not necessary
  • $50 “Fund Name”
    • “Activity” – Current Activity (Pavilion Night, Men’s Prayer Breakfast, etc.)
    • “Children” – paying for materials for children’s classes
    • “Deacon” – Deacon’s Fund
    • “Genera” – General Fund (Not Necessary as any undesignated amount goes to General Fund)
    • “Music” – Band Fees or music in general
    • “Special” – for current current & announced special offerings (Missions Conference, Revival Services, Love Offerings, etc.)
    • “Teens” – Teen Activities

Give by Text 815 384-6284